DnD-Core has more than 20 years of experience in developing applications within the Microsoft spectrum, with the last years focusing strongly on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud platform. From the client’s perspective, DnD-Core looks at the most ideal solution to make the client’s project a success. Since November 2021, DnD-Core has been a loyal partner to Go Forest.

Tree counter

At Go Forest, your impact goes far beyond the restoration of nature. With every tree you plant, you also engage in strengthening communities worldwide, and help with the sustainable development of landscapes everywhere. 

Sustainability certificate

Claims about sustainable business are only credible if they are easily verifiable. We register every certificate in the blockchain with a timestamp. This timestamp validates that the certificate existed at a certain point in time and hasn’t been tampered with. 

The 2023 certificate is added at year-end.

Satellite integration

Transparency builds trust: we use a map-based platform with satellite imagery to demonstrate the impact of your forest project. On the platform, you can find updates on every project and follow the growth of the forests.

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Project pictures

Although some projects might be far away, photos have the power to bring them closer. Below you find pictures of the sites in Gomery, Genly, and Florenville. 


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Every tree counts, we make sure of that